Expanded Metal Mesh

Available in black steel and hot dipped galvanized, expanded mesh is a versatile and robust product. It can be used in areas for walkways, security, safety and ornamental applications. With multiple patterns there is a profile that will suit your requirements.

Having an excellent anti slip surface it is perfect for inclined ramps, platforms and stair treads.

When it comes to safety, it can be used to guard areas and provide security coupled with visibility and strength.

The ability to provide strength and security in a robust product is no doubt an advantage for many industries.


With its textural finish and industrial look, expanded has become a popular option for sun shading that is durable whilst providing ample sunlight but allowing shading and airflow.

Expanded mesh can also be used as a fa├žade in ways to create a sweeping wave effect, Coupled with greenery can it can also be utilised as a trellis to create a foliage wall.